I bring products from vague concept to shipping code.

If you want a new product, or open source project, to exist — but you don’t have the right person to figure it out and make it happen — I may be able to help you.

I’m a strong developer with technical experience all over the map, and I’m also comfortable with business and design concerns. I specialize in translating high-level goals into a concrete technical approach … and I can write code too.

You can delegate goals to me, rather than detailed technical tasks. This means you can “order” that project you wish you had, keeping tabs on a high level, but not have to figure out every little question yourself.

I love to go from vague ideas and an empty code repository, to a real product that exists. I’ve done this many times and this is what I do.

For any single task, you might be able to hire a specialist who knows it better. But for a not-yet-defined-in-detail project with many facets, I take a generalist approach to figure it out.

  • Do we need to observe and interview potential customers to understand their needs more precisely? Done.
  • Do we need to list, organize, and prioritize the many stakeholder ideas about the problem? Done.
  • Do we need to figure out how to describe, pitch, and price the product? Done.
  • Do we need to evaluate technical options for implementation? Done.
  • Do we need to hire someone with the right skills to handle a specialized task? Done.
  • Do we need to close the door, stop talking too much, and hammer out code? Done.

What’s my job title? Technical cofounder, product manager, product designer, API designer, technical lead, programmer, open source maintainer… all of the above. I am about synthesizing the big picture into an achievable technical action plan.

I’ve shipped a lot of products in my career.


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